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Couples/Relationship Counselling

In couples/relationship counselling my primary aim is to provide a supportive space for you to develop your communication skills and find ways of working through the difficulties that are present in your relationship.

Generally, I will provide support in the following ways:

  • I will invite you to talk to each other about what is important to you and be a witness to your conversation, with an open mind and an open heart.

  • If at any time during your conversation either of you feels stuck, overwhelmed or feels the need for some help from me, you may ask and I will intervene in a way that is aimed at supporting the ongoing process between you.

  • I will offer you my observations if I feel they may be useful.

  • I will sometimes offer a suggestion, to one or both of you, to try out something new in relation to how you are communicating. For example, I may ask that each time one of you finishes saying something, the other reflects back what he or she has heard before continuing the conversation. I will remind you that you are each welcome to say either 'yes' or 'no' to any of my suggestions.

    In this way you will develop your communication skills so that you each feel able to express yourself and each are able to clearly hear the other. You may decide to stay together or separate whilst working with me. Either way, I will support you both in developing a greater depth of understanding and awareness.

    We may explore the following areas if you feel it would be helpful:

  • What happens when you experience conflict (including how you fight)

  • What did you learn about conflict from your early caregivers

  • If or how you apologise to and forgive each other

  • What you learnt about apologising and forgiveness from your early caregivers

  • Your sexual relationship

  • Couples. Couple dancing tango

    Tango Couples Therapy

    Tango Couples' Therapy is a form of couples' therapy that has grown out of my experience of dancing Tango Argentino, teaching Tango and working as a psychotherapist and bodyworker. It is an alternative approach in which couples can grow and deepen into their relationship whilst enjoying the process of learning this wonderful dance. No previous dance experience is required.

    Learning Tango reveals important things about the relationship between an intimate couple (whatever their gender and sexual orientation). The dance requires one person to take on the role of 'leading' or 'inviting' and the other to take on the role of 'following' or 'receiving'. This relationship creates a polarity or charge between the couple. Often it is the attraction between the sexual polarities of a couple that draws them into an intimate relationship. Sometimes the loss of this polarity (due to various causes) results in disharmony, dissatisfaction and a loss of 'juice' in the relationship. As a couple explore their dance roles they can work through the difficulties they may have in relating from the masculine or feminine sides of themselves and develop their understanding of how they can play with polarity to enjoy the chemistry in their relationship. This can be a liberating experience which leads to deeper intimacy and connection to oneself and each other.

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